Bus Station Wellingholzhausen, Germany
Commerce Park Giesen-Harsum-Hildesheim
Construction of a beltway in Bremen progresses
Creating an additional lane with Bentofix®
Creating a stable foundation after a soil investigation
Design of a Secugrid® reinforced wall in the Czech Republic
Federal Autobahn A23 noise barrier
Interstate A7 Fuessen, Germany
LIDL supermarket, Plön, Germany
NAUE Geosynthetics Secure Large Retaining Pond
Noise Protection for our Dutch Neighbours
Nordenham, Northseacenter
Pipeline Project Porto (Portugal)
Pipe Jacketing Sewage Lines
Planting of particularly steep embankments
Railroad crossing solution at Hallstadt, Michelinstraße
Reinforced slope in Vignale, Italy
Senftenberg bypass, Germany
Sukhaybarat Gold Mine, Saudi Arabia
Storage Area for Wind Mills, Emden, Germany
Storage pond Wittingen
Track refurbishing, section Seelze Wunstorf
Windfarm Project
Windfarm Project Scout Moor
Ämmässuo landfill, Finland
Balis First Modern Landfill Design
Bentofix® sealing at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
Capping of Black Devon Landfill, Alloa, Scotland
Closure and construction of landfill in Szeged, Hungary
Construction of a surface respository in the Ukraine
Encapsing an Encapsulation cell
Estonia’s largest landfill is being securely sealed again
Hasenholz soil and construction waste landfill
Landfill cap Emden, Germany
Landfill Sozopol
Lovanja landfill – site
Nitrokémia Landfill
Recultivating the Aemilienhausen Landfill
Remediation of the landfill cap
Securing Latvia´s One-of-a-Kind Landfil
Construction of a surface respository in the Ukraine
DHL logistics campus ground water protection
Environmental Protection with Bentofix®
Federal motorway A6 Mannheim-Heilbronn
Road over sensitive groundwater areas
Canal Sealing with Bentofix®
NAUE shores up Schwarze Elster´s detour
Secutex® sandcontainers save Bridge Cãteasca
Telejaen River, Romania
Construction of a road tunnel on the Autobahn A38

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Regionalni vodovod- Herceg Novi
Hidroizolacija Atlas Capital- Podgorica
Thosiba postrojenje – Lastva Grbaljska
Siemens konvektorsko postrojenje – Lastva Grbaljska